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A new idea of fur

As the models strut down the runway, the fashion show conveys a thousand ways to be a woman. Always on the move, its innovative slogan is “Don’t stop me now”.

Classic pieces and formal wear are mixed with sportswear and casual outfits, breaking fashion rules. Jackets and trench coats take the shape of bomber jackets for more comfort; the timeless black duster coat becomes a roaring, longline, zipper biker jacket; parkas are transformed into evening coats, made from Swakara lamb or cashmere and embellished with fox collars; blazers look like sculptural evening gowns. Prince of Wales check coats with straight and strict lines are unstructured thanks to deep slits that, as they move, resemble flowy and gauzy chiffon dresses.

Fur is not just for the outerwear, but it can make the entire outfit: the runway unexpectedly displays dresses and floor-length skirts that are made from mink or Swakara lamb, along with soft mink tracksuit underneath the finest fox coats.

Fur gets increasingly more wearable, unconventional and multifunctional, suitable for the new demands of a hectic lifestyle – always respecting the environment.

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