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A historic location in the heart of Milan

The sophisticated Fabio Gavazzi showroom is located inside a prestigious historic building on via Montenapoleone in Milan, one of the most upscale shopping streets in the international fashion system. Here, in a suspended-in-time atmosphere, the Fabio Gavazzi collections are displayed, customers are welcome during sales campaigns, and every creation is customized with attention to the smallest detail.


Palazzo Gavazzi's frescoes

In the 19th century, they used to paint the ceilings of palaces with scenes that could bring good luck to the owners. The frescoes, preserved in our showroom, were executed in the early 1800s for the Gavazzi family, related to the Specks, who owned the Austro-Hungarian postal service and – since the 1600s – the renowned silk industrial complex of Valmadrera, which was considered the “Fiat” of the time for its size and importance.

The frescoes, which have a romantic flavor, depict Enlightenment symbols, typical of the Restoration period in Lombardy.

The ceiling in the first room shows Faith on the left side (woman with the cross), while below is Science (woman with the compass), and in the center is Prudence, who carries “knowledge” (the book) and “good command” (the scepter).

The second painting portrays a “familia” of the Gavazzis’ house, probably the house-owner turning to Truth (“graduate” woman) to symbolize the value of family. In the same scene we can see a Cupid pushing Time away and holding an hourglass and a sickle, as there is no place for him in the family’s Empyrean.

The Luxury of Exclusivity

The beating heart of Fabio Gavazzi is the via Montenapoleone showroom, where besides viewing and purchasing fur coats and accessories featured in the collection, the most demanding customers can experience an authentic tailor-made service, which involves them personally in the customization of the item.

The showroom's trained staff shares with customers the company’s long-standing expertise in sartorial furriery, with the purpose of creating perfect pieces, whether it involves the customization of models featured in the collection or the creation of a new one, specially made and never existed before.

Made-to-Measure & Bespoke

Made-to-measure consists in customizing one of the collection’s designs by adjusting it to the customer’s needs, with the goal of creating a fur that will fit the wearer perfectly. It is a customized service at every stage, from the construction of the paper pattern to the delivery of the garment, and it is characterized by great attention to detail and sartorial excellence. More than just a service, it is an experience that Fabio Gavazzi offers to his customers, working alongside them to create highly personalized items that satisfy their every need.

The Bespoke service represents the peak of Fabio Gavazzi’s renowned sartorial expertise. It consists in creating a completely new and customized fur garment – from pattern to cut, from colors to combinations, from materials to accessories. The creative and production process is carried out alongside the customer, from making the model to selecting the finishing touches. Choosing the bespoke service means treating yourself to the luxury of having a one-of-a-kind fur garment, customized in every detail.

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New Location

a new chapter
september 2024

A new location will accomodate our Milan showroom; 
we will be moving to 23 Via Monte Napoleone.
During the month of July, the collection will be on display at our showroom at 35 Via Magenta in Seregno.

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